Character Creation III: Attributes

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Character Creation III: Attributes

Post by Silvan Oakhollow on Thu Apr 02, 2015 7:41 am

While there are no functional stats for characters in this roleplaying system, characters are to be assigned two attributes that will govern their "class", more-or-less. These have no stastical bearing on your character, but it will give yourself and others an idea as to what your character is and isn't proficient in. 

For example, a character with Strength and Endurance as their selected attribute shouldn't be as nimble and agile as a character who chose Agility and Speed. 

Each character is allowed to choose TWO.


Affects your total encumbrance, your total Fatigue and the damage done by melee attacks.


Intelligence governs total magic potential and Magicka.


Willpower governs resistance to spell effects, the rate at which Magicka regenerates, as well as your total Fatigue.


Affects your total Fatigue, damage dealt by ranged weapons, and your steadiness in combat.


Governs fatigue, total health, healing rate, and resistance to poisons and diseases.


Affects how well people react to you.


Affects how fast you move, the length of your jumps, missile reloading time, and weapon swinging speed.


Affects everything you do in a small way.
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