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Gillis The Spell Sword TheBlackestKnight

Birthsign:The Steed

Infantry: The Spell Sword
More nimble and athletic than the sorcerer, and better suited for spell-casting than the knight, their attacks are unpredictable. Students of combat and magic.

Gillis The Spell Sword OB-class-Spellsword

Specialization: Combat

Heavy Armor


Equipment: Iron Armor, Shield; Iron Longsword(Fine)


We stopped at the edge of the cliff, not to far above the camp that had spawned at the bottom in the valley below. We crouched to avoid to the moonlight reflecting off of our armor. The camp was dark and still. Sounds of the night were few and heavy breathing filled the air around us. We shouldn’t be here, though here we were. And what we’re planning to do I could only surmise it to suicide.

We had lost the battle today, are Witch hunters could not handle the elves and we were overcome with atronachs among other conjured beast. Wish no break in the front line we could not penetrate to the mages in the back and we forced to retreat. It was our battle in this campaign that you could label a loss, and Redguards do not take loss easily. When we finally returned to camp, reins of a horse were thrust into my hands by my father. I could tell by the look in his eyes he wanted to follow. HE was accompanied by 4 other men. Some of strongest. If I known this is where we coming I might have said something, but probably not. Not many men can say no to my father, and I absolutely did not have that luxury. But as we crouch, 6 men strong in front of a camp of 400 elves, I felt the need the need to say something. But as I opened mouth my father stood and faced us. I could only see a slight shine from his armor and the whites of his eyes. My father was fierce, and so were the man beside me. They were infantry, large strong men. I was only a scout and barely a man yet. Still I was here. Any other man would feel honored. I just felt misplaced.

My father cleared his throat before he began to speak.

"We will not go as cowards into this silent night", he spoke normally but with such power and conviction. His deep voice echoed around us and I could just feel the elves stirring below us. "We will deal a blow to them now, so tomorrow we can find victory. We fight not for ourselves but for the plight of us all. I am ready to lay down my life for my for our convictions, whether it be with 1000 Redgaurds beside me, or with 4 of the best warriors we have", he meet the eyes of each of the men and I tried to not take any offence to his statement. But when his eyes met mine they brightened. "Or with my son", he said heavy hearted, I could feel the others eyes on me, and a hand even found my shoulder." If we should die here tonight, then may we die fighting? If we survive this night, any of you, then you shall live for more. Ey?" My father turned back towards the camp. “We shall take as many as we can, and Gillis, take care of the mages will you".  LIKE IT WAS SO FUCKING SIMPLE. Like I could hold down a hundred mages by myself.

"Alright men", my father cut off my internal screaming. He grabbed his bow and drew back an arrow. He aimed towards mid camp and released it. One of the men conjured a flame for the arrow to pass through. The fire arrow stuck into one of the tents and within seconds the tent was aflame. It shone in the night like a star, leading wayward solders, as we are. As we would always be.

"LAY THEM LOW" my father shouted as he sprinted to the 10 meters to the ground bolted towards the camp. I didn’t even realize I had moved but I was sprinting myself right behind him. Elves were bursting form their tents, fully ready to take us on. But they were not ready for the fierceness my father and his men were bringing. They cut down 10 elves in seconds. We moved in an opened circle, keeping me at the nipple, protected while I cast dispels, reflects and conjured ward. We were efficient. Still able to catch some weary elves off guard and we pushed our advantage. They could not form a mass fast enough to meet us so we were able to dispatch group after group until they began to unify. Conjuring spells from a distance. I was still earning mysticism and was quickly overwhelmed. We started to go down quickly. I tried them as injury occurred but it was instant. Two of us were dead and gone, but my father stood strong. But they surrounded us. The four of us turned our backs to each other. My father slipped the hilt of a sword into my hand, a longsword from one of our fallen. We somehow had reached the center of the camp. The tent my father lit on fire was now crumpled burning beside us. I raised the sword in my shaking hands. The adrenalin was gone and all that was left was a crippling fear. How many have we taken, 30, maybe 40 of them? Was that worth dying for? This was a very small dent in their size but was 6 of us for 30 of them. My life for 30 of them. This was reckless. They could kill us at any moment but they stood back. My father grasped my shoulder and spoke so only I could hear. “I was not looking for your death son... I was looking for your glory", then louder, so that that the other two could hear, "we get the boy out" and starting rushing to the east of the camp where the mountains were more like hills. The elves started to close in and once again I could not handle the volley of spells and now there swords swinging for my life. My father thrust me into a tent as one of our men was cut down by 4 different elves. My father shouted for me to run and I did, He shouted cursing his foolishness but was cut short. I did not see him die but I know he died. But I still had my own life to fight for. I burst outside the tent and was meant by elves still staggering about, trying to get to the fight. I caught them off-guard. I was able to swing at a few and emasculate some of the others as I ran but I was unable to land killing blows on anything. I conjured a firebloom behind me and kept running, the elves were scarce towards the edge of camp and I was able to avoid most fights and block most of the spiel sent my way. The entire camp seemed to be after me, I was the only left and they wanted my head. As I reached the hill they started to launch arrows at me. I was an open target on the hillside but the arrows fell short as a gust of wind came and pushed them off course. On the other side was open land with tall grass. The arrows continued but I was to fast on even ground, no one can keep up with a Regard scout.

After a few miles there was no one chasing me, and I had no idea where the hell I was. At a creek I stopped and removed my armor. I tried to wash my self and but my body burned. And my clothes were soaked with blood. I had suffered burns and my left arm was sliced open. I was able to heal my arm but the burns were going to take stronger healer. I threw my armor into to the creek and I kept going east.


I found a town before dusk and was able to get my hands on a map. It seemed I was three days from my camp on foot, so I waited it out till night hit and I stole one of the horses in the stable. It would take half a day on a horse and I wasted no time.

The sun was high in the sky by the time I came about my camp, or I guess the remains of it. There were bodies everywhere, red guards and elves but I could tell we had lost this battle. They must have retaliated. Marched to our camp and struck at them unaware. They did not know that we had left to attack the elves so they had no way of knowing of a counter attack. My father had died for nothing; I had almost died for nothing. And I finally let that sick in, my father was dead. He won’t be coming home. I let tears run down my face, but they were not sad. They were hot and bitter. I did not get off my horse. I did not stay too weep. I had friends, boys the age of me who died with them. I did not look for survivors. I did not burry them I did not pray. I would mourn them in time. I would deal with this in time. But I could not go home. I would be presumed dead with the others and so I will stay dead. My father is responsible, and I followed my father so I am just as responsible as him. Except the dead can’t be held responsible, the dead can’t be blamed for their actions. So I must bare that guilt, I must be held responsible, even if there is no one else to do so. I will.

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